Black Belt Thinking | Just ask!
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Just ask!

Have you ever sat next to anyone at a meal and they have pointed to the salt cellar and asked “Is that the salt?”

The temptation is to reply with something like “Yes, I am fairly sure it is. I saw Dave pick it up and shake it over his food, and some white stuff came out.” You probably wouldn’t get a favourable response if you were to give this answer!

What the person asking the question means is “Can you please pass me the salt?”

Why don’t we just ask for what we want? There are several reasons, all to do with fear, such as fear of causing an inconvenience, or of being rejected, or being judged for being too straight-forward. This boils down to an issue of confidence and self-esteem.

The confidence and self-esteem issue manifests itself in this way. The good news is that, like most things in life, this is a two-way stream. So, once we have become aware of one thing causing a problem, we can work on the symptom to affect the cause.

Asking directly for what we want, although may feel uncomfortable at first, can positively affect our confidence and self-esteem.

Black Belts just ask for the salt!

Action point – is there something you want, that you can ask someone for? Ask them!