Black Belt Thinking | Beliefs
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Black Belts have beliefs. Everybody has beliefs.

Beliefs, by their very nature, are things that we believe to be true. Whether they are true or not is not important, what matters is that we believe they are.

People used to believe that the earth is square and is the centre of the universe, with the sun revolving around our planet (it isn’t and it doesn’t, honest!).

Once we have identified a belief, it is helpful to challenge it if it is a disempowering belief. So remember that a belief could be a beLIEf.

Classify all disempowering beliefs as beLIEfs, because just by recognising that we can question it removes some of its power. If you are experiencing challenges or frustrations that are a result of a belief that you have, question whether this is a genuine true belief, or whether it is beLIEf.

Yes, Black Belts do have beliefs. But only beliefs that empower us to achieve more and be more content.

Action point – Identify and then eliminate beLIEfs that are disempowering you and holding you back.