Black Belt Thinking | Get what you want by being YOUR best
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Get what you want by being YOUR best

Is there something that you want?

Sometimes we fall into the trap of comparing ourselves to others. But the performance of others is not something that is within your control. They control their performance, you don’t.

What you can control is ………… you.

Black Belts know what they can control, and what they can’t. They don’t control the performance of others, and they don’t control the results. They do control the process, their own journey.

A few years ago a beginner turned up at a class that was about to start and asked my instructor if he could try karate. He explained he had a hip problem, and could only do low kicks. He would never be able to do a high kick.

My instructor asked him to demonstrate how high he could kick. He put his foot out just about knee high, which is pretty low really. My instructor then said “Kick that high, just make it a good one and always do your best.”

The new student a few years later achieved his Black Belt. His kicks were never amazing, but by doing HIS best, every time he trained, he got there.

Reduce the stress of comparing yourself to others, and instead just focus on doing your best, giving it 100% all of the time.

Action point – Take something you want to do well in. Make a list of all the things that YOU control that will help you to achieve it. Focus on each one thing on the list at a time, and make sure that every time you do one of these things, you give it your best. Not 90%. Not 98%. Just give it all you have got, give it 100%. That is how Black belts perform at THEIR best.