Black Belt Thinking | Asking for help to build self-esteem
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Asking for help to build self-esteem

There are times in everybody’s life when we are faced with a sticky problem. We try a few things, but the problem just won’t go away. We think about it, maybe try one or two new ideas, but the problem remains.

And the nature of the problem is that we have to do SOMETHING, we have to make it go away.

Some people believe that in this type of situation, asking for help is weak and disempowering.

It isn’t.

Carrying on with a problem that we can’t fix by ourselves is weak and disempowering.

Always relying on help, just running to someone else, perhaps hoping that they will take over the problem, is weak and disempowering.

But asking for help when we need it, when we have tried to resolve it ourselves, is positive and empowering. It gives us the chance to know who we can rely on. This means that we can start to build a support network, a group of people we know who we can rely on.

And it gives us the chance to learn from someone else, someone who may have had to address a similar or even identical problem.

Black Belts ask for help. When we train, unless it is our class and we are running it, there is at least one person more senior with us for the whole lesson. We know we are surrounded by people who we like and trust, and will help us if we ask them to. Black Belts will ask for help if they are genuinely stuck. Black Belts know that the best opportunity to learn is by first having a go themselves.

Action point – If you have a problem that is proving difficult to solve, ask someone for help. Ask someone who you trust. It could be a friend at school, a teacher who you know well (or even your parents!).