Black Belt Thinking | Black Belt Luck
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Black Belt Luck

We know that life, and business, has good times and bad times.

There are times when things seem to go our way, things that we want to happen which seem against the odds but just seem to happen naturally. And there are things that we didn’t think would happen, or did not expect at all, which do happen and cause us grief and problems.

What can we do about this? Life is enough of a roller coaster as it is.

One empowering way to think about all of these is whether they are Internal to us, or External to us.

Here is an extract from my book, which shows the two ways of thinking (Internalising or Externalising) for ‘good’ events and ‘bad’ events. When we Internalise we have a high Locus of Control, and when we Externalise we have a low Locus of Control.



Locus Empowering? Our reaction
When we succeed High Locus


Yes Give ourselves credit, reward ourselves. Are happier, more motivated.
  Low Locus


No Believe it was down to luck, no increase in our self-esteem.
When we fail High Locus


Yes Take responsibility, learn from our mistakes. More likely to succeed next time.
  Low Locus


No Refuse to take responsibility. Never develop, progress or learn.


With a low Locus of Control, where we tend to Externalise, when ‘good’ things happen we attribute it to luck, and when ‘bad’ things happen we never develop or learn.

Black belts internalise just about anything they possibly can! In this way, they learn from their successes and their ‘failures’ and they take responsibility for the event happening (or not) again in the future.

Black Belts empower themselves to make their own luck, because they make everything else.

So take responsibility, by internalising everything that happens to you and start making yourself even luckier in the future!