Black Belt Thinking | Black Belt Thinking
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Black Belt Thinking

Black Belts have a mindset that empowers them to achieve extraordinary success.


Black Belts avoid trouble, keep calm and know how to achieve their potential.


This is about mindset.


This mindset comes from within. It is within every Black Belt, and it is within you.




59 proven strategies to achieve more.


59 proven strategies that will help you with your health, your wealth, your relationships and in your business.

You can read extracts from Black Belt Thinking below

Circle Of Life

The concept of Internalising and Externalising discussed in Chapter Two is a key concept to be aware of.
In martial arts the concept was best explained by Bruce Lee. Standing upright, he stuck one leg out behind him, gently touching the floor. He then rotated his body a full 360 degrees, making a circle around his body at the point where this leg touched the floor.



PMA (Positive Mental Attitude)

Black Belt Masters have a positive mental attitude, and know how to keep it, even when things are going against them.
Paul Herbert was a top karate fighter, competing in karate tournaments all over the world. Sometimes in a fight he would get hit first, so his opponent would be ahead on points scored.