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  • Our self-talk gives a good indication of how we really feel about something or someone. And the great thing about self-talk is that no-one else can hear it. The bad thing a

  • When we are more assertive we have more positive self-talk, we raise our self-esteem and we become more confident. Being assertive means that we say what we think and how w

  • I had a great time on Monday at St Johns school in Marlborough, working with Year 8s to banish the ninjas of limiting beliefs. Our limiting beliefs affect us deeply. They a

  • Feel a fraud? Feel you might get found out? Feel you don’t deserve the success you want to enjoy? You could be experiencing imposter syndrome. People with imposter syndrome

  • In sales we can find ourselves in a situation where we have to deal with an objection. Someone is resisting against something that we want, or they are offering a different

  • When faced with a challenge, we sometimes know that we would benefit from a new approach, but are not sure how we can create one. Creativity is not a ‘thing’ that we can su

  • We know that life, and business, has good times and bad times. There are times when things seem to go our way, things that we want to happen which seem against the odds but

  • Different psychological studies give different ranking of fears. We are talking here about deep-rooted fears, as opposed to phobias (flying, spiders etc). See if you have o

  • There can be a problem with success! Some successful people suffer from imposter syndrome – they don’t think they are deserving of the success they have had. Many people ca